Casa de Reyes

After a big day running around playing tourists, we were ready for a special meal . . . and that’s exactly what we had! Our restaurant of choice for the evening was the Casa de Reyes at the Fiesta De Reyes in a lively corner of San Diego’s Old Town. tells us there are 4,156 restaurants in San Diego and that Casa de Reyes ranks #348 in that group. We don’t know about that, but we do know that we had a totally wonderful meal there this evening. We loved the ambiance of the courtyard setting with its comfortable seating, fountains, umbrellas, fire pits, torches, and gas heaters:

San Diego -16

The service was attentive without being intrusive and to our tastes the food was wonderful!

I had Chicken Mole Poblano and thought the mole poblano sauce was excellent – thick, rich, and pleasantly chocolate-tinged. The portions were adequate and the meal was attractively plated:

San Diego -17

Chicken Mole Poblano
quarter chicken simmered in a mole poblano sauce, topped with granulated peanuts, sesame seeds and sour cream drizzle. Served with black beans and Spanish rice.

And the La Bandera De Mexico exceeded Kay’s expectations. Served with three enchiladas and three sauces, she felt the chicken and pork enchiladas were wonderfully rich, but that the cheese enchilada was a bit pedestrian. The mega treats in her meal were the three sauces:

San Diego -18

La Bandera De Mexico
mixed enchilada platter, three sauces for our cheese, chicken and pork enchiladas

And I suspect the margaritas must have been good. Kay had two of them and they were huge! 🙂

Our conclusion?

Well, I’ll say this: We have no interest in trying out the 347 restaurants that ranks ahead of Casa de Reyes before returning . . . and given the chance we’d come back here in a heartbeat!

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